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Computer Rentals in Calgary Calgary Computer Equipment Procurement

Desktop and laptop rentals in Calgary

Desktop and Laptop Computer rentals in Calgary
Calgary computer equipment procurement

We source computer and IT related equipment - hardware/software - and rent out desktop and laptop computers in Calgary

Calgary Computers Group


We source computer hardware including but not limited to: servers, storage appliances, workstations, laptops, tablets, displays, network switches and routers, VPN appliances and firewalls, Wi-fi access points, storage devices, printers and MF, UPS.



We source computer software packages and licenses for your business.

Laptop and Desktop rentals in Calgary

Starting @ $100 for 7 days. We deliver and pick up - FREE of charge

Calgary Computers Group


Calgary Computers Group is now providing IT services and support for residential users in addition to our business IT support services. Both in house and remote support options available.

Our business IT services and support remain unchanged.


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